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Good Stability After Loading Of Galvanized Wire Nov 06, 2017

From the wire galvanized line name We can see its main characteristics and the difference between ordinary steel wire, the key lies in whether a layer of zinc is plated. Many people do not care about this kind of new products, thus affecting their normal use. Steel Wire Galvanizing Line Its scope of application is actually very wide. Such products can be seen both in daily life and in industrial production.

Steel wire galvanized line of the main raw materials are low-carbon-type steels, through the condensed processing. Wire galvanized wire processing process is divided into many steps, and the production process is very sophisticated, the use of the effect is very good. This kind of product has the very good elasticity also has the person sex, Steel Wire Galvanizing Line simultaneously the corrosion resistance is very good.

These steel wire galvanized wire excellent characteristics, has been more and more people's attention. It also expands the scope of its use, Steel Wire Galvanizing Line winning more customers for it. The superior features of the product make it more and more distant on the future development path.

Characteristics and application of galvanized wire

1. High-strength 270-grade low relaxation top stress galvanized steel lines its tensile strength can reach 1860h/. M2, compared to the same cross-sectional area of the second-class rebar tensile strength 3.5 times times higher than the A3 round bar 516 times times higher than the non-high-strength steel lines 1.1 1.7 times times. Therefore, the use of hot wire galvanized wire for building steel, can reduce the amount of steel, Steel Wire Galvanizing Line reduce the volume of concrete, reduce the weight of buildings.

2, Low relaxation prestress: Because hot wire galvanized wire products give the pretension, so has a low relaxation value, small stress loss of good properties, under load stability, not easy deformation, not broken, strong elasticity, ordinary steel lines and rebar difficult to compare.

3. No need to weld low relaxation prestressed galvanized steel line with a disc delivery, the. 20mm galvanized steel Line A disk length of up to 12000M, the user can choose any length, Steel Wire Galvanizing Line use no joint and welding.

4, Advanced Zinc plating process: The use of advanced galvanized finishing process, therefore, using hot wire galvanized line of the building, not only anti-corrosion performance is good, but also beautiful and generous. Steel Wire Galvanizing Line Products with smooth surface, high dimensional precision, zinc layer uniformity, adhesion to the characteristics of the prison.

5, high-tech. High-quality, high-efficiency: The use of international advanced production equipment, High-tech, first-class technology, to ensure the high quality of products. And due to the convenience of shipping, construction to save materials, reduce costs, therefore, users will achieve considerable extrusion benefits.