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Natural Gas Furnace Is A National Standard Energy-saving Operation Furnace Nov 06, 2017

The special requirement of natural gas stove to burner is that the burner has high combustion degree, high regulation performance and wide capacity range. At present, the gas burner has direct-ignition diffuser, blast-type diffuser, ejector type burner and so on.

Natural gas furnace is a micro-positive pressure furnace, it is easy to realize micro-positive pressure combustion by using internal combustion method. such as gas-fired horizontal spiral shell boiler, Natural Gas Furnace the furnace liner is a cylinder, the furnace and the boiler sealing problem is easy to solve, and the shape of the stove liner is more in line with the flame shape of the gas burner; the furnace and convection heating surface are arranged more easily and can be arranged with the proper tail heating surface to reduce the exhaust temperature. Natural Gas Furnace Because of the structure of the furnace, it can also make the flue gas burning in the furnace liner produce reflux effect, so that the flue gas enters the flue heat, which is called "center-back-burning". Using the internal combustion mode micro-positive pressure combustion, so that the temperature in the furnace is more uniform, increase convection heat transfer effect, do not need to draw fan, simple and reasonable structure. Gas stove Ching give up burner to spray gas in the furnace, if the flameout or mixing with the air in a certain range, easy to form explosive gas, Natural Gas Furnace it is necessary to use advanced automatic combustion system, including flame detection, ignition control, flameout protection, a variety of chain controls, leak detection system and sound, light, electrical alarm devices. For the boiler furnace, flue gas, such as easy accumulation of gases, should be installed explosion-proof device.

The natural gas stove needs to be heated through the hot water circulation through the regional pipe network to the building. Taking natural gas as material, transporting cost is low, pollution-free, Natural Gas Furnace high thermal efficiency, low running cost, easy to realize automatic management. According to the current coal prices, the use of coal-fired $number times the cost of natural gas.

Natural gas furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle-type operating furnace, super energy-saving structure, energy-saving effect of 65%. The car adopts anti-collision sealing bricks, Natural Gas Furnace the door adopts spring-type clamping mechanism, the automatic sealing trolley and the furnace door, integrated rail, without the basic installation, on the level of the ground can be used. Mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, roll, steel ball, 45 steel, stainless steel quenching, Natural Gas Furnace annealing, aging and a variety of mechanical parts heat treatment.

1, gas furnace temperature uniformity, the workpiece heating evenly;

2, natural gas furnace load, high productivity, applicable to various types of mechanical tempering, preheating;

3, the natural gas furnace lining uses the whole fiber structure, enhances the furnace body heat preservation performance, saves the energy, reduces the production cost;

4, natural gas furnace to install the royal material convenient, Natural Gas Furnace good operating conditions;

5, the natural gas stove has the Interlock protection installment, may prevent the malfunction and the accident which occurs because of the mistake operation;

6, no pollution, good environmental benefits.

This series of equipment with all kinds of combustion gas as the medium, through all kinds of burner combustion heating, high temperature 1200 ℃.

Heating use

1th, ensure that the heating piping system is usually (wall-hung furnace for backwater valves, water separator valves and heating valves are open),

2nd, ensure the Wall furnace power supply (220v voltage) gas (artificial gas 1000pa natural gas 2000pa) and wall-mounted furnace pressure to 1-1.5

Third, winter and summer conversion construction or knob to snowflake State, Natural Gas Furnace add the key or knob to the required temperature (temperature range 40-80 degrees)

So wall-hung furnace normal operation, the heat sink is not hot in the radiator on the left or right side of the valve to give up the radiator inside the gas out, Natural Gas Furnace wall-hung furnace pressure is not the right way

Bath use

1th, same as last 2nd

2nd, the closure of other heating water equipment and valves, the winter and summer conversion key or knob to the Sun mode to adjust the bath thermostat or the knob to adjust to the appropriate temperature (temperature range 35-60 degrees)

Third, turn on the hot water faucet for 10-30 seconds.