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The Principle And Advantage Of Natural Gas Furnace Apr 05, 2017

As its name implies, the pulse combustion control is a continuous flaring mode, using pulse width modulation technique by adjusting the combustion time of the duty cycle (pass) for temperature control of the furnace. Fuel flow through the pre-set pressure adjustment, once the burner work at full load condition, ensure the burner combustion gas exit velocity is not changing. When heating is required, burner combustion for longer hours, interrupted time decreases when cooling is required, burner combustion time, interrupted for longer hours.

The main advantages of pulse combustion control for:

High heat transfer efficiency, greatly reducing energy consumption.

Improves the uniformity of temperature field in the furnace.

Without tuning, enabling precise control of the combustion air.

Burner load regulation can be improved.

System is simple and reliable, low cost.

Reducing NOx formation.