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What Are The Application Advantages Of The Steel Wire Magnetic Heating Equipment? Nov 15, 2017

On the whole, the application advantages of the steel wire magnetic heating equipment can be summarized in three terms, namely, high performance and stability, high electrical efficiency and high automatic manufacture. Why do you say so, let's take a look at the specific content below.


The steel wire magnetic heating equipment has high performance in practical application and is very stable, mainly because its overall structure design is advanced and reasonable. Because the type of product you need to heat is complex, you may need to configure a variety of sensors. After the improvement, the user can complete the switch between the sensors in a very short time, so it can guarantee the higher work efficiency.


When the steel wire magnetic heating equipment is in the heating process, not only the heating rate is faster, but also less oxide skin will be produced. From this point of view, it has a great advantage in precision forging. In addition, the equipment has good stability. In the heating process, even if the large barstocks are continuously fed, the heating temperature of the billet can be maintained at the beginning and end.


According to the process requirements of different users, the steel wire magnetic heating equipment can be matched with the corresponding feeding machine, so as to form the optimized combination of the equipment. And when connecting, the continuous type and intermittent type both can be chosen. The discharging form of the material includes the tilting type and straight slip type. At the same time, it has multiple protection functions, and the security is relatively high.


In short, steel wire is one of the common products in mechanical equipment and daily life. Compared with the original steel wire, the performance of the steel wire treated by the steel wire magnetic has changed, not only the flexibility is improved obviously, but also the utilization performance is fully improved.